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"we went through fire and through water, yet You brought us out into a place of abundance" Psalm 66:12b

Migration October 7, 2011

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I know people do this kind of thing hundreds of times a day.

But for me, for some reason, it’s a BIG deal. Kind of the crossing of a threshold in embracing that I am a writer. (Why is that so insanely difficult to write?) I am continuing to take seriously what I believe are the next steps that God is allowing. So one step at a time, with knees knocking, I am learning, growing, stretching and pursuing this writing/publishing path. Thank you to so many of you who have encouraged me along these lines.

Margot Starbuck, a fellow Redbud, gave helpful advice. The incredible, creative genius, Aaron Schweizer, worked overnight magic. And today I announce , with great excitement, that I am moving on to a new domain!! Whoo-hooo! (I don’t even know what that means, really, or if I’m even using the word correctly! :))

If you could leave a comment that would help me know that things are transferring over smoothly.

So for those of you current subscribers, please click on over and resubscribe first thing (top right hand corner).

Then share away and encourage others (like bajillions of people) to subscribe if you’ve liked what I’ve written along the way. All this is part of building a platform. Something that literary agents and publishers look at to evaluate whether a potential author would have real live humans besides family and close friends who would buy their book.

I’ll be writing a guest post for one of my friends next week and have a whole line up of partially started, in the hamper, posts that are just looking to get out when those precious windows of time open up. I’m also still working on my proposal and query letter(s) with a self-imposed deadline for the end of the month to send it all out.

Oh yeah, and here’s the new link:


Thank you for being a part of this wild ride. 🙂


6 Responses to “Migration”

  1. Nicky Leong Says:

    just re-subscribed! how exciting 🙂 love your posts!

  2. lesa Engelthaler Says:

    Nice! Here’s a quote to celebrate you, “Better to try all things and to find all empty, than to try nothing and leave your life a blank.” -Charlotte Bronte
    Hear Hear to trying it all!!!

    • vivmabuni Says:

      Thanks for that wonderful quote! Love it! Trying it all and a full life following the Father. How wonderful of Him that He gives us each other. So appreciate you, your heart, leadership and encouragement.

  3. Pat Momary Says:

    Yaay, Viv…I don’t know whether I’m happier for you, getting relocated (on blind faith?) or on my having followed you here successfully(on blind faith, for certain:)…see you soon at OCF’s happenings! Blessings, Pat Momary

    • vivmabuni Says:

      Pat, You continue to encourage and amaze me. I haven’t been able to access who has re-subscribed to my new website yet. When I do, I will check to make sure your relocation was successful 🙂 I think it would be wonderful to hang with the OCF crowd sometime soon. Perhaps in the springtime? God bless, viv

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